Daniel Hamilton for Stockport


About Dan

It is an honour to have been selected as the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Stockport.

I have had strong links with Stockport my entire life – my family run an electronics business based in the borough that does business all around the world, my grandfather taught at Manchester University and grandmother worked in clinical support at Stepping Hill and Wythenshawe Hospitals.

Professionally, I advise businesses in a range of sectors – from high-tech manufacturing to broadband – on how to get the best deal from government. I have worked with businesses to attract millions of pounds of investment to the UK.  Prior to my current job, I served as Director of a civil liberties think tank Big Brother Watch where I campaigned to end nuisance ‘phone calls and expose wasteful spending by local councils that could instead be spent on strengthening local services.  Before this, I worked as the Head of European Insight at a leading market research consultancy, giving me the chance to develop insight into political systems all across Europe – something that will be crucial as we negotiate the best possible Brexit deal.

I have experience of working in both the House of Commons and European Parliament – something that gave me a great insight into how government decisions are made and how best to positively influence them.

I served as a Runnymede Borough Councillor from 2007 to 2011 where I was proud to play a part in schemes to bring about town centre regeneration, oppose inappropriate housing developments and attract overseas investment to create good-paying jobs in the area.

If I am elected as your Member of Parliament, I will be proud to make my home here in Stockport – and will never let you down.

secbrWith North West MEPs Saj Karim and Jacqueline Foster and David Jones MP


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