What others say

“Dan is bright and enthusiastic with experience in both UK and international politics. A natural networker and team builder, he has a proven track record of campaigning and taking the fight to Labour.  I have no doubt that he’d be a great MP both at Westminster and in the constituency – James Cleverly MP, Conservative Party Chairman

“Daniel Hamilton is one of the most dedicated and principled Conservatives I know. A skilled campaigner and committed team player, he is an all-round asset to his party and country”Mark Wallace, Conservative Home

“With his encyclopaedic grasp of politics, great energy and infectious laugh, Dan will a brilliant MP – Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Energy Minister

I’ve known Dan for many years and have worked with him on tough campaigns across the country. He has tremendous energy and drive. I know that as your candidate, he’ll roll up his sleeves, get to the heart of local issues and be a strong, positive advocate for our party in Westminster and the constituency” – Baroness Emma Pidding, Former President of the Conservative Party National

ConventionDan is a stalwart of the grassroots who is not afraid to roll his sleeves up and get down to work. In addition to his campaigning skills he is also highly accomplished in his professional career, and has a lot to offer our party intellectually” – Tom Spiller, former President of the Conservative Party National Convention

Dan’s work ethic is second to none. His dedication and enthusiasm to do what is necessary in any given situation sets him apart as a first rate potential candidate and someone I would wholeheartedly recommend to any association team” – Simon Eardley, Cheshire & Wirral Area Chairman

Dan is one of the Conservative Party’s foremost thinkers on foreign policy, with clear ideas as to how to ensure Britain remains strong and respected on the world stage. At this critical time, the party could benefit hugely from his experience. Any Conservative association would be extremely fortunate to have Dan as their candidate – and ultimately, their Member of Parliament” – Nirj Deva DL, Former Member of the European Parliament for the South East

Dan is a great campaigner and really understands the importance of ABC (Always Be Campaigning). Whether supporting candidates at local elections, by-elections or parliamentary elections, he puts his time in and does the work. To his great credit, he even shows up when there isn’t a photographer or a visiting Minister…. which is more than many!” – Andrew Kennedy, West Kent Area

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