Political track record

2017/2015 general elections
Parliamentary candidate for Stockport

18118900_10100581451560220_3188079785192053282_nBetween 2015 and 2017, worked to add 2,000 extra votes to the party’s tally and secured the Conservative Party’s strongest electoral showing in the area for 25 years.  Championed a range of important issues, including urban regeneration, strengthening the town’s infrastructure and improving access to high quality education.

2014 European election
Candidate for the North West of England

team4444Working as part of a the North West of England team, campaigned across more than thirty different constituencies across the region.  Participated in public debates with organisations as diverse as Friends of the Earth, the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England and British Muslim Heritage Centre.

Member of Runnymede Borough Council

leaflet3Elected as the youngest member of Runnymede Borough Council with 54% of the vote, representing the ward of Englefield Green East, where more than 50% of residents were students.  Served as the Deputy Chairman of the Council’s Corporate Mangement Committee, overseeeing issues as diverse as economic development, budgets and IT policy.

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